Connected Distribution for PC-MAC

(version 1.0.0)
WARNING: This component is deprecated since December 31, 2013 and it is replaced by Cloud Distribution for Desktop . Read about this change here.
Warework Connected Distribution is a software development Framework for the Java programming language that simplifies the creation of applications in PC-MAC platforms. This multi-purpose Framework is very useful because:
  • It provides a basic infrastructure for an application as it includes a relational database and Services to send emails, work with data stores and perform log operations.
  • It organizes the structure of an application with pluggable components. You can expand the functionality of the Framework whenever you want and leave the task of managing new features to Warework.
  • It sets up the basic mechanisms to make your application run across multiple platforms. Do you plan to execute your application in Android? No problem, you can reuse most of your code by simply changing the Warework Distribution.
This software library sets the rules and basic elements to help developers in the creation of applications and with the usage of other Warework elements. The Java edition of Warework Connected Distribution for PC-MAC presents these characteristics:
  • Embeddable. It does not need any external library to run and it is ready to work on Java Standard Editions, version 5 and up.
  • Simple API. Its functions are versatile and easy to understand helping developers be productive very quickly.
  • Modular. It can be expanded with Warework components and other complex frameworks that determine the size of the application to create.
  • Pre-configured. It includes default Templates that allow you to start-up your projects in seconds.
  • Design patterns. It is built upon well-known design patterns like Inversion of Control and those defined by the Gang of Four (Factory, Facade, Singleton, etc.) so it provides a common programming style to software developers.
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Minimum requirements
In order to run Warework Connected Distribution for PC-MAC version 1.0.0 you must meet the following requirements:
Language Warework libraries Third party libraries
Java 1.5
No libraries to download
No libraries to download
Maven users can link to this library by adding the following code in the pom.xml of the project:
For further information about how to access the Warework Maven 2 Repository, please refer to this FAQ.
All the documentation associated with this release is bundled within the downloadable file. You can also review on-line this documentation:
Software developer guide (PDF) API documentation (HTML)
On-line tutorial (HTML) Change log (TXT)
If you do not understand the Warework Software Library License terms, please refer to this FAQ.
Warework Connected Distribution for PC-MAC can be extended with providers, services and modules.
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